Where to Buy Steroids Online…

The question that passess many a bodybuilder/gym goers lips is, “Can you buy steroids online?”. The answer is simple: yes, you can. Despite the sheer number of scammers out there today (and there are literally thousands) there are a small number of online sources that offer the opportunity to buy steroids. Finding a legitimate supplier is not easy and it may take several purchases from potential sources to see who delivers the goods.

Is it true you can buy steroids online with a credit or debit card?

How can you go about finding these legitimate suppliers? Search engines will be your first port of call, most notably google (being by far the most popular search engine accounting for 72% of all internet searches). But what do you search for? ‘Buy Steroids’? ‘Buy Steroids Online’? Do you add your country in there to ensure you get a domestic source? Do you only use your country’s Google page? My advice would be to use your country’s Google page to begin with and using the above search phrases. Ensure you have a browse of the first few pages before settling on any one site and remember that just because a site ranks highly on Google doesn’t mean that is legitimate (it simply means they know what to do to get to the top of google!).

What you should look for in a site? There are several things you should look for when analysing a websites suitability (this is list certainly isn’t exhaustive, but should cover most issues):

1) Design & Presentation: This is overlooked by most, but a legitimate site will often look aesthetically pleasing. It shows the owner  takes pride in their site and wants to provide a good experience for their customers. Look for clean, sharp images and also look for spelling mistakes.

2) Product descriptions: Are they comprehensive? Does the description for Dianabol match what you;d expect to find for information on Dianabol? Is it accurate?

3) Customer reviews: Do they have on-site reviews? If not then be extremely wary; if they do, have a read through – it’s usually easy to spot fake reviews as they all sound similar and use the same grammatical fashion. How many are there? As a rule of thumb, the more reviews the better (especially if they date back at least a year).

4) Payment methods accepted: If a site tells you they only accept international money transfers or bank transfer then be very wary. Most will use the excuse that they are anonymous for both user and seller – however, if the transaction is fraudulent then they buyer has absolutely no protection whatsoever. There is no way to get your money back if you pay by either of these methods. Buying steroids with a credit or debit card however does provide you with protection as it easy for a seller to refund you or if required a chargeback can be filed.

5) Shipping methods: Do they offer express shipping with tracking? Some sites will send free of charge without tracking, however this can take up to 28 days and may get lost. If it does get lost then you have to hope that the seller will re-send free of charge. I’d always advise to choose an express tracked shipping option when buy steroids as it means you can see where the parcel is, plus it usually takes a lot less time to get to you.

6) Response to emails: Do they respond in good time, politely and offering good advice. A good, legitimate business will respond in a timely fashion and offer free advise helping you to make the correct decision. If they try and ‘hard sell’ then be wary as they will likely just be trying to boost their profits rather than help you the customer.

These are only a few pointers when looking to buy steroids, but they may help you when trying to choose a new supplier. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is!

Can you Buy Steroids in the UK?

According to UK law it is illegal to supply steroids but it is legal to possess them. That may seem a bit odd, as you’ll no doubt be wondering how can anyone buy them if no-one is allowed to sell them? They only way is to import them from countries where the sale of steroids if freely allowed.

Will customs destroy packages found to have steroids in them? This is a highly debated subject, with some thinking they do and some thinking they don’t. In my personal opinion I think it depends on the amount they find. If it is enough for personal use then they will allow it through, if they suspect they will be sold on (i.e. a large amount beyond personal use) then they probably will destroy it. So remember not to be greedy if you’re going to buy steroids – less is more! Steroids for sale.

You may be offered steroids at your gym and it is highly advisable to ignore all sellers as not only is this illegal but again you have no recourse if they steroids you buy turn out to be fake. Don’t bullied into anything and always remember that is against the law! I’ve heard stories where people have been forced into buying and have had numerous problems not only with the steroids being fake or under-dosed, but also with the person they bought them from when confronting them about the poor quality of their products. Please do NOT take the risk!!