Anadrol profile & information for those looking to buy online…

Anadrol, or to give it its correct pharmaceutical name Oxymetholone, like many anabolic steroids was developed in the 1960’s. It’s original use was for patients suffering from wasting illnesses, anemia and those who were underdeveloped. Due to side effects however, it usage for the previously mentioned ailments was ceased, with it’s sole application being for those with HIV wasting syndrome. Anadrol usually comes in 50mg tablets and even though mg for mg is is weaker than steroids such as Dianabol, it is still considered perhaps the strongest oral anabolic steroid available, certainly the strongest ever steroid approved for use in humans.

So how does Anadrol interact with the body – particularly the androgen receptor. Despite not binding to the androgen receptor very well, it is extremely effective at promoting explosive mass and strength gains in a very short period of time, hence why many bodybuilders will incorporate it in their bulking cycles(s) (along with an injectable such as testosterone or deca durabolin). It causes huge water retention, which not only provides dramatic weight gain but also helps to lubricate joints under heavy loads, i.e. lifting heavy weights.

As for side effects, Anadrol can have quite a toll on the body if used for extended periods. This does not mean that short term users will not suffer any side effects however, with the following fairly common: nausea, bloating, hairloss (male pattern baldness), hair growth (body), acne, virilization in women and deepening of the voice. Although Anadrol cannot convert to estrogen it is widely believed that it interacts with the progesterone receptors to some degree, which may cause estrgenic type side effects such as gynecomastia; these can usually be negated with the use of nolvadex or clomid (SERMS). In addition, due to its methylated structure it is liver toxic and the longer one uses it the higher the risk will be.

For those looking to buy anadrol online to use as part of a bulking stack, we advise that as a standalone it is used for a maximum of 6 weeks. As a ‘kickstart’ to an injectable cycle (such as testosterone) it is usually used for 3-4 weeks whilst the user waits for the injectable steroid to kick in. As with all oral steroids it is imperative to talk products such as milk thistle or liv-52 to promote liver health. Drinking enough water every day (2 litres minimum) is also highly advised. It may also be wise to monitor your blood pressure as Anadrol can (due to the water retention) cause a rise in blood pressure.

Another question regularly is asked is whether anadrol can be stacked with other orals. The answers to this is yes, with the most common being a 4 week stack with Dianabol. Although many would frown upon this, so long as the cycle duration is short and you monitor your health properly, then there should be no problems in stacking these two oral steroids.

May thanks for reading, I hope you have learnt a little bit more about Anadrol from this blog post!