Buy Dianabol – Is it the Breakfast of Champions…?

Buy Dianabol

The anabolic steroids Dianabol is dubbed ‘The Breakfast of Champions’. Why?  Most probably because bodybuilding champions such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Serio Olivia used it when they were at their peak. The question remains however, does it live up to this moniker? In short, yes it does, very much so! So why is it so powerful…? And why has it been such a popular steroid for the last 70 years…? Why do so many people search for ‘buy dianabol‘ every month?

Despite not reacting particularly strongly with the androgen receptor, in vivo Dianabol still exerts its effects through this pathway. The effects primarily being increased protein synthesis and glycogenolysis, which results in both muscle hypertrophy and strength over a given period of time. It also exerts its effects (indirectly) through the estrogen receptor, as Dianabol aromatises to potent form of estrogen known as methylestradiol. This means that without adequate protection from an anti-estrogen such as nolvadex or clomid the user may experience estrogenic side effects such as  water retention and gynecomastia. The androgenic side effects on the other hand include hair loss (head), hair growth (face and body), high blood pressure and acne.  Due to its 17a-alkylated structure Dianabol is somewhat liver toxic and use over a long period of time may cause liver damage.

So why is Dianabol so popular? First of all is mass produced by many pharma and underground labs, meaning it is very easy to get hold of. Secondly, it’s very cheap and not just in relation to other oral steroids, in relation to injectable steroids as well. Buying a cycle of 4-6 weeks can cost as little as $50, although it usually best to ensure a quality product so paying a little more is usually the way around this. On top of this you will of course need to buy PCT, with can either be nolvadex, clomid or a combination of both. A PCT for buy dianabol is either Nolvadex @ 20mg for 21 days or clomid @100mg for 30 days – both will do more or less the same job. Please ensure that you get bloodwork done once you have completed your PCT for buy dianabol as this is the only true way to tell if you are fully 100% recovered.

My own experience with Dianabol is a good one that’s for sure! It was my very first cycle and although people usually frown upon a Dianabol only cycle but as longas your diet and PCT is nailed on you’ll be fine. I did 35mg a day for 5 weeks and gained around 20lbs, keeping 12lbs after PCT. A good cycle for sure!!! Would i do a buy dianabol cycle again? Hell yes! It is perfect for a novice who doesn’t want to (or can’t) inject and as stated above it is cheap as well making it a good starter cycle. Side effects aren’t usualy too bad either, a few spot here and there, perhaps a touch of aggression from time to time but nothing what could be classed as ‘bad’. I would heartily recommend it for a newcomer!